SEO Trends in 2021: What You Need to Know

The SEO industry is an industry that is changing at a very high speed. Every year search engines show us new ranking algorithms, and it is getting harder and harder to keep up with SEO trends. As one of Auckland SEO Companies said, almost everyone wanted to get to the top of the search results about 10 years ago. It was enough to “score” with key queries and buy more links on the exchange. Today, such promotion methods will work against you, in order to be at the TOP, it will take a lot of knowledge, time, and money.

Now search engines pay attention to almost every detail: quality and uniqueness, technical characteristics, external optimization, adaptation for mobile, and much more. In the same article, I’ll tell you what’s new to expect from the search engine optimization industry in 2021.

But first, let’s remember what important happened in SEO over the past 2020. Here’s a quick rundown of the major events on Google.

There were many more interesting events in Google in 2020, but I will highlight the most significant ones that are probably relevant in the coming 2021.


1. CoreWebVitals

Core Web Vitals was launched in 2020, but this signal will become the main one in 2021 and the potential impact on the ranking and position of the site in search results.

For Google, one of the main principles is the usability of the site for users – Core Web Vitals ensures the speed of visual stability and responsiveness of LCP, FID, CLS.

Compliance with these parameters is now critically important!

2. Google conversion indexing.

At one of the conferences in 2020, John Mueller spoke about the search for text by passages (fragments) – Indexing transitions. Now, at the request of the user, not the general text and the page from the very beginning will be displayed, but a sentence or paragraph that clearly answers the user’s request.

Let me give you an example: you ask the question “when to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse”, and the very first page of the issue will give you the answer, but first, you need to read a huge text, paragraphs about choosing seeds, preparing the soil, favorable days according to the lunar calendar, etc. And voila – somewhere in the penultimate paragraph of a huge text, you will finally find the answer that it is better to transplant cucumbers into a greenhouse around the beginning of May.

So, a search by passages from Google will save time and not read huge texts and a bunch of unnecessary information, and first of all, a fragment with an answer to a question will be displayed. But so far such a search has not been launched and does not work.


3. Mobile-First Index.

In 2019, the Mobile-First Index algorithm was launched, a full transition to it was supposed to take place in September 2020, but Covid-19 disrupted Google’s plans. And now the transfer of web resources to the mobile-first index has been postponed to 2021.

Mobile devices in 2021, like in 2020, are an important SEO trend. According to statistics, the share of Google mobile traffic accounts for 80%, more and more people use the Internet from smartphones. Therefore, mobility is an important criterion in the promotion.


4. GooglePodcasts.

Google is doing a lot of work on the Google application. Podcasts and podcasts, in general, are gaining more and more popularity every day, and podcasting is becoming a new SEO trend for disseminating information.


5. YouTube.

Google is increasingly integrating with YouTube, the search engine has begun to show extended snippets from YouTube channels more often, the functionality of the search engine and video hosting is more and more synchronized.

During the pandemic, YouTube traffic has grown significantly and, according to experts, the number of users will only grow in 2021 and 2022. YouTube is becoming a very important SEO trend of 2021 to use to promote your business.

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