The importance of the player return rate (TRJ) in sports betting

The TRJ is of crucial importance in sports betting since it is directly linked to a law which governs sports betting and more generally money games.

To be able to get the most out of your bets, it is therefore recommended to understand this indicator before betting.


What is the sports betting TRJ?

The TRJ or Return Player Rate is an indicator that represents the proportion of money that is redistributed to players by bookmakers.

As you will surely have understood, the higher the latter, the better!

But the law in France specifies that it is forbidden to return more than 85% of the funds to the players.

This is where another important notion emerges, the deadlines of the TRJs.

For a bookmaker, it is possible to offer on a bet a TRJ of 95% or even more, as long as the average of the TRJs offered over 6 months remains below 85% (in accordance with the law).

This therefore means that the Player Return Rates are variable and at the discretion of the bookmakers, which is an important concept in sports betting of all types.


How is the TRJ of a sports bet calculated

It is relatively simple to calculate a TRJ for a sports bet, here is the formula:

  • 1 / [(1 / dimension A) + (1 / dimension B) + (1 / dimension C)] x100

If this seems complicated to you, then you might as well offer a little more effective demonstration with a concrete case.

For a team A match against team B, here are the odds announced by the bookmaker:

  • Team A to 8 victory
  • Draw at4
  • Team B to 6 victory

The calculation will therefore be done as follows:

  • 1 / [(1 / 2.8) + (1 / 3.4) + (1 / 2.6)] x100 = 96.4%

As you can see the TRJ is higher than required by law, but as long as the bookmaker offers other bets with lower TRJs and the average stays below 85%, everything is legal.

trj calculation presentation image

What implications does the TRJ have for players?

The TRJ may seem unnecessary at first and yet it is an excellent indicator to be able to make smarter bets and be successful in the long run.

To support these comments, let us take a theoretical TRJ of 85% on a normal football bet for a match that does not represent one of the big meetings of the season.

This 85% player return rate therefore means that if you bet hundreds of times at random, without analysis or study of the bet, you will theoretically lose 15% of your funds.

It may seem abstract, but keep in mind that we are talking about long-term betting here.

If you place bets every now and then on a few odds that you think are good, you could come away with positive results.

But if you are betting regularly and for months on end, therefore making hundreds of bets, it is important to understand how you risk losing your stakes.

With a low TRJ of 85%, you will need (on hundreds of bets) to make an ROI (Return on Investment) greater than 15%.

Barring miraculous predictions and other strokes of luck, an ROI of 15% is rare and difficult to achieve.

This therefore means that in the long term, if you have less than 15% of your ROI, you will have lost part of your starting bets (because this 15% is not redistributed to the players).


What strategy to take into account the TRJs

As you will see in our article on the best bookmakers, some offer more or less interesting odds.

Again, this is because sports betting sites and other bookies can choose the odds for their bets, and therefore can sometimes offer TRJs of up to 99% (relatively rare).

To take advantage of this indicator, you must therefore look at the odds offered on several bookmakers and choose the one offering the best TRJ for each bet.

Be careful, you may think that it is more important to find the one that offers high odds for your bet, but that only holds if you are sure of the outcome, which is impossible.

To bet professionally, you have to consider the results in the long term!

To do this, taking the high TRJ for each bet reduces the ROI needed to be profitable on a series of bets.

Of course, this is only functional with extensive studies of each bet to avoid betting on a losing bet.

If you chain successes or failures, the TRJ will have no interest because you will win or lose each time.

The TRJ is really important in order to parry in a serious and recurring way to finally obtain beneficial results.

If you only make a few bets here and there, then the TRJ won’t really impact your margins.

If, on the other hand, you make hundreds of bets per year, the TRJ is a great way to be able to optimize your winnings.

It will optimize your winnings because it will not change your decisions, you will be betting on the same odds as before, but the bookmaker’s rate of return will be greater in the long run, guaranteeing slightly larger winnings.



Sports betting is complex and there is no way you can be sure to win your bets.

However there are indeed strategies and tips to better manage your Bankroll, so why deprive yourself.

To complete this article, do not hesitate to compare the different bookmakers and to compile your own list of the best bookmakers or to go to our corresponding article.

To clarify, there is no one best sports betting site, each site has their own advantages, disadvantages, and TRJs that vary.

If this article was useful to you, do not hesitate to go and discover others on our site, they will surely help you better understand the world of sports betting.

Good luck and your bets!

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