VoIP Telephone System with the Perfect Setting for You


IP (Internet Protocol) or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone is a mode of Virtual Phone system using the telecommunications protocol created for the Internet. Voice is digitized and then transmitted as packets like all other data.

The increase in Internet speeds and the savings made on the monthly telecommunications bill are arousing companies’ enthusiasm. Security, infrastructure, and actual cost are parameters you need to consider when questioning your current phone system or choosing one.

Here are the benefits for organizations to choose or migrate to business telephone:

Reduced invoice

Thanks to the advantageous cost of VoIP, business telephone offers actual savings for businesses.

Investment for tomorrow

The IP business telephone market has already overtaken that Verizon (traditional Verizon). Therefore, switching to a telephone exchange operating on an IP network is a strategic choice for the future.

Gains in mobility

With sets that are no longer physically connected to lines, a business telephone allows the user to keep his number while moving. You can even work from home by displaying the office number! No more customer calls on your personal cell phone outside of office hours when customers panic!

Increased flexibility

Business telephone brings together all of the company’s devices (telephones, videoconferencing, fax machines, computers, etc.) on the same network and, therefore, on the same protocol.

Same network cabling

Sometimes wiring costs can be a drag. Most phones offer a 2nd network port on the back that allows you to use the 2nd cable to power your computer on the same network. Basically, you are using your computer network wire into your phone and another wire from the phone that goes into your computer.

The most popular functions

The business telephone offers a wide range of exciting and practical functions: call recording, call forwarding via the telephone, sending by email of messages left in the voicemail box, the possibility of bridges between 2 or more branches, visualization of call statistics incoming and outgoing, fax integration with email reception, forwarding to a cell phone with or without a schedule and much more!

Before making a choice, it is, therefore, necessary to perform a return on investment calculation taking into account:

    • The existing telephone fleet.
    • The cost of maintenance (licenses).
    • The cost of canceling lines at the supplier (50% monthly remaining).

What are the best times to migrate?

Depending on your business’s actual needs, there may be different arguments for or against abusiness telephone solution. The primary advantage lies in improving the organization of work, but the sustainability of investments remains a significant parameter that must be taken into account. Here are the best times to choose or migrate to business telephone:

  • When setting up a business
  • During a move
  • At the end of a contract with a traditional telephone service
  • When the company needs to renovate its IT infrastructure
  • When the system in place no longer works
  • Quite simply to benefit from the new features

What to know before migrating

The massive arrival of providers in the business telephone market offers companies a comprehensive and increasingly competitive choice. The upgrade of your network should determine the migration. An IP-Verizon device enables telephone over the Internet (VoIP), unlike a traditional Verizon device using the conventional PSTN (switched telephone network). You can go for service providers like Linkedphone Alternative or others like them, as you will get the valuable service from them.

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