What are the Most Effective Tricks to Promote SoundCloud Music?

Being highly effective, Soundcloud is a platform used by millions around the world to share and promote music. To make one’s profile stand out in the crowd, artists stick to this giant platform to gain visibility. Hence, learn the best ways to promote SoundCloud music and spread your music shortly.

A couple of years ago it seemed almost unlikely for an artist to get the chance to record their music. But with the advances in digital technology and recording style, many musicians have been able to record their music effortlessly. But when it comes to promoting music online, things can be still confusing. It’s quite a daunting task to figure out where to put all your effort.

Soundcloud has become the new-age promoting platform, exclusively for the artists and the musicians. The popularity and effectiveness of this giant platform in recent times have made it imperative for any upcoming artist to upload their music on Soundcloud and promote SoundCloud music. The established podium has changed the way people all over consume music online and give independent artists the space they need to flourish.

Becoming a successful artist isn’t easy, but there’s always a way out!

By now, the musicians have understood and well-accepted the fact that they must adopt professional intelligence and expertise in the marketing plan to stand out on the competitive platform. Hence, for best results, find and hire an agency that can help you successfully meet your planning goals. But before digging into the details of Soundcloud promotion, let’s disclose some fascinating facts about this music-sharing online site.


Statistics that will amaze you:

  1. Soundcloud entertains over 175 million people every month
  2. Users have access to over 200 million tracks
  3. The online app nurtures almost 76 million monthly users
  4. More than 20 million Soundcloud creators distribute their music
  5. In 2017, the revenue of this music streaming site escalated by 70%

So, here are plenty of reasons to levy trust in this incredible online music community.


Here is the most recommended Soundcloud Promotional tips to shape your identity:

1. Plot a Plan:

Not surprised, are you? Well, any major project starts by identifying the target audience and thereby developing a plan that feeds the goal. As an artist, the aim is to reach as many listeners as possible. Understand whether your ideal audience group prefers to go to clubs or enjoy listening to music with friends. The primary step is to figure out the preference of your target fans. To avoid confusion, here are a few tips you could follow:

  • Communicate with your small music group and consider their feedback
  • Attend music shows organized by local artists
  • Survey forums with people who hold similar music tastes and jump in!
  • Explore other YouTube videos and check out the comments to mingle with your fans


2. Share to show Care

The whole idea behind the launch of Soundcloud was to allow artists to store their tracks under one roof and push them out when and –where necessary or desired. This could be to other blogs or social media networks. Artists can easily share their content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and other online hubs by embedding the Soundcloud link. Moreover, when it comes to fan engagement, there are multiple possibilities laid out, like:

  • Instigate fans to create their favorite playlists
  • Ask for their valuable feedback on the mixes’
  • Urge your fans to comment on the songs etc and stay engaged


3. Follow For Follow:

Soundcloud as you know is a social community and consists of listeners, content creators, bookers, music critics, and more. You can’t follow back everyone, but it’s always wise to follow back someone who has been actively engaging with your music. Apart from this make sure that you follow people in the same niche or same style as you so that you could engage on some new point!


4. Unity in Diversity: It’s true!

The presence of all kinds of location-based groups and genres on Soundcloud makes it easier for you to distribute music. Find the groups that are suitable for you, join them, and happily build your little musical community. This would lead your music to procure gigs and sales shortly.

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